On June 29th, we hosted a fantastic run club event in London, featuring the well-known running influencer Mal Nicol. The event drew over 40 enthusiastic participants, each of whom received a goodie bag filled with Hystride socks, HUX electrolyte tablets, and products from The Ordinary Skincare.

The energy was high as everyone gathered at the starting point, excited to connect with fellow runners.

Music played throughout the event, adding an extra layer of enjoyment and keeping spirits high as we ran. Mal ran alongside the participants, offering tips and encouragement, which created a supportive and engaging atmosphere.

After the run, everyone had the chance to chat and cool down, sharing their experiences and enjoying the sense of community that our run club fosters. The goodie bags were a hit, with participants enjoying the items from Hystride, HUX, and The Ordinary.

The event was a great success, bringing together fitness enthusiasts for a morning of fun and excitement. We’re already looking forward to our next run club meet-up and continuing to build this wonderful community. A special thank you to Mal Nicol for joining us and to everyone who participated!

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